Welcome to Polop de La Marina


The silhouette of Ponoch, the sleeping lion of Gabriel Miró, and the profile of the town with its tower and ancient cementery are emblematic of this attractive town. Polop is the place discovered by Gabriel Miró, whose house was situated at the beginning of the Guadalest road. Oscar Esplá lived here, as did Benjamín Palencia, whose workshop is still maintained. The famous Font dels Xorrets has 221 water spouts to offer the surprised visitor. The best walk is from here to the closed cementery, called by Gabriel Miró the orchard of crosses, which crowns the town. Polop still has the sharp local colour of the blue and white towns of the Alicante coast.

Gastronomy: Pilotes de Dacsa (minced meat), Coca fasida (flat sponge cake), Arrós en fresols and penques (rice with beans), Sangacho.

Art: Embroidery and needlework.

Monuments: Fountains with 221 waterspouts, the parish church and the ancient cemetery with the remains of Moorish walls.

Cultural Attractions: The Wire Museum.

Festivals and Events: Major celebrations are held from the 15-18 of August. Patron saint celebrations are held from the 4-7 of October. In Xirles celebrations are held from the 29-30 of August

Situation: The ancient capital of the Marina Baixa is today a small village with 1,910 inhabitants located on the road from Benidorm to Callosa d´En Sarrià. Situated 11 km from Benidorm and 54 from Alicante.

Tour of the town: Sierra Ponoch, Serreta de Chirles.


Kilometres : 53 Km

Altitude : 262 m

Number inhabitants 2006 : 3.636